The Witch War (Atomic Array 050)

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The Witch War The Witch War (Atomic Array 050)

It’s the 50th episode of Atomic Array, and we have a special treat. Our good friend Greg Vaughan is on to talk about his wintry Pathfinder Module: The Witchwar Legacy. We’ve also invited Mr. James Jacobs back on the show to give us a preview of World Guide - The Inner Sea, which will be coming out in February. You can grab a copy of the Inner Sea Primer now, though, from the store.

Our giveaway this time includes a special treat as well, an Advanced Reader Copy of Pathfinder Tales: Winter Witch, by Elaine Cunningham.

Paizo Publishing:

Ed’s Pick: The Winter Witch
Rone’s Rant: “Every Man, Not An Everyman”

Rone penned a poem, which The Eldritch Mr. Shiny turned into a song. We’ve included it in the show, as well, for your listening pleasure. Here’s the lyrics:

Paizo Folk
We have tough guys quite ready to fist fight an ogre,
With tattoos and goatees and heads shaven over,
And glamour boys dressed up like parrots on shoulder,
Wearing make-up enough to make up a boulder.

There are cops here and cooks to serve us up right
And artists aplenty to light up the night
Computer pros sure, and they’re smart as a kite
Now they’ve gotten my joke and I’m sure they will bite

RPG-irls post in numbers tis true,
And smile while planning to TPK you,
And little ones giggle, on your dice they will chew,
Our next generation will roll with the few.

* * * * *

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