An Evening With Steven Brust (Atomic Array Special Edition)

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An Evening With Steven Brust

An Evening With Steven Brust (Atomic Array Special Edition)

A couple months ago, Patrick DeLise suggested we invite author Steven Brust on the show. So, being fans ourselves, we did!

Steven’s first work, Jhereg, was released in 1983. Since then, Steven has released a total of 13 stories that follow Jhereg’s protagonist, the smart-mouthed assassin Vlad Taltos. In addition, he has written The Khaavren Romances, which at set in the same world - though follow different characters.

Sprinkled amongst the novels set in Dragaera, you will also find a number of other Brustian offerings, including a novel based on the Firefly television series, called My Own Kind of Freedom.

Steven doesn’t just know his way around a good story, he also plays a number of instruments - and has been known to play them, and even sing, from time to time at the various fiction and fandom events he attends. He is a part of the band Cats Laughing, which even received a mention by Chris Claremont in Star Trek: Debt of Honor.

You can keep up to date on what Steven is up to by visiting The Dream Cafe.

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