Sherwood (Atomic Array 014)

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Sherwood (Atomic Array 014)

When we heard that Battlefield Press was going to release a Savage Worlds edition of Wil Upchurch’s Sherwood, we jumped at the chance to bring him on the Array. The legend of Robin Hood is a tricky subject to work with. There’s so many tropes, from the locations to the iconic character types, we were interested to see how Wil handled it all.

Wil was all too willing to talk with us. We even convinced Marc Gacy to join us to talk about how he translated the original d20 rules into Savage Worlds.

Battlefield Press: Battlefield
Ed’s Pick: Robin Hood (1991)
Rone’s Rant: “Cheaters”

We wrap up the Alpha Omega giveaway, and tell you how you can win a copy of Sherwood. Don’t forget, you have until January 23rd to enter the CthulhuTech giveaway.

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Want to learn more about Sherwood? Read on…

Drop by RPG Now to pick up your copy today!

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There is a lot more to Sherwood than we could fit into this one episode. Feel free to ask questions, or leave a comment on the site. You can also share Atomic Array with a friend, or contact us directly. In fact, we’d love to hear what you think about Sherwood. Tell us what you like (or don’t), and what you’d like to see from Battlefield Press in the future.

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