Shadow, Sword & Spell (Atomic Array 045)

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Shadow, Sword & Spell Shadow, Sword & Spell (Atomic Array 045)

Rogue Games has a new game! Created by Richard Iorio (Colonial Gothic) and James Maliszewski (Thousand Suns), Shadow, Sword & Spell has everything you need to run games inspired by the greatest pulp fantasy writers of our time. We invited Mr. Iorio to join us for a chat.

Rogue Games:

Ed’s Pick: The Anubis Murders
Rone’s Rant: “The Modern Sneaker”


Emu love volume!
Race laser if flow erupts
I’m raft I’m muse–ew!
Rent rape us
Awash, crane dragon sits
But rat is bonked
I trap a spine
Man, tinker on!
Emu love volume!
Sit in it now
I won’t sulk cus
Stuck cab sleep
One man rusts
A last surname no!
Peels back cuts
Suck lust now
I won tinitis
Emu love volume!
No reknit name
Nips a part
I deknob sitar tubs
tis no garden arch
Saw a sue partner
Wee summit far
Mist pure wolf
Fire sale car
Emu love volume!

Song Lyrics by Rone Barton
Music by Dave Mallon

Want to learn more about Shadow, Sword & Spell? Read on…

* * * * *

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