Scarrport (Atomic Array 022)

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Scarrport (Atomic Array 022)

RDP has started publishing products for your 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game. We spoke with RDP’s president, David Jarvis, about his first 4e release, Scarrport: City of Secrets. Contributing authors Graydon Schlichter and Greg Tito also joined the conversation.

Visit RDP: Reality
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We wrap up our Dungeon A give away, and tell you how you can win a free copy of Scarrport.

Don’t forget, we launch a new podcast for Open Design on May 28th! Where will you be able to get it? iTunes and over at the Kobold Quarterly website.

Want to learn more about Scarrport? Read on…

Drop by RPG Now to pick up your copy today!

There is a lot more to Scarrport than we could fit into this one episode. Feel free to ask questions, or leave a comment on the site. You can also share Atomic Array with a friend, or contact us directly. In fact, we’d love to hear what you think about Scarrport. Tell us what you like (or don’t), and what you’d like to see from RDP in the future.

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