Reign of Discordia (Atomic Array 002)

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Reign of Discordia

Reign of Discordia (Atomic Array 002)

In this episode, we’re featuring Darrin Drader’s Reign of Discordia

Are you a fan of 70s sci-fi, shows like Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek, et al? If you’ve been looking for a setting in which to set your space-pop campaign, Darrin Drader may just have the answer for you. Reign of Discordia features a fallen gallactic empire, marrauding aliens, espionage, smuggling, and more. The setting in detailed enough to provide plenty of plot hooks, and broad enough to support multiple story types and styles of play.

Visit Darrin’s Blog:

Reign of Discordia on RDP: Reality

Ed’s Pick

Interstellar Suite by Amin Bhatia. A sci-fi movie soundtrack without a movie, this album of classical electronic music makes a great backdrop for any space-pop game. The best track? 04 Walking in Space.

Rone’s Rant

Is space exploration dead? Should it be? Or should we be heading to Mars?


We’re giving away two full-color print editions of Darrin Drader’s Reign of Discordia. Listen to find out how to enter!

Last episode we started the Album Design Contest. We decided to show you the original album Rone created, and Ed hated. Here ’tis in all its glory:

AA Album Art

Blammo's Atomic Episodes: Atomic Array Web Comic

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Darrin was a fun guest, and we hope to have him back again in the future. Feel free to leave a comment on the site, share Atomic Array with a friend, or contact us directly. In fact, we’d love to hear what you think about Reign of Discordia. Tell us what you like (or don’t), and what you’d like to see from RDP in the future.

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