Kazei 5 (Atomic Array 038)

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Kazei 5 Kazei 5 (Atomic Array 038)

Anime + Cyperpunk = Animepunk. The latest offering from BlackWyrm Games, Kazei 5 is Michael Surbrook’s take on the genre. After a decade of constant play by hundreds of groups, K5 is now updated for use with HERO 6th Edition, this 300+ page book will give you everything you need to bring animepunk to your game.

BlackWyrm Games: http://www.blackwyrm.com/
Michael Surbrook: http://surbrook.devermore.net/

Pre-Order your copy now.

Ed’s Pick: Ghost in the Shell
Rone’s Rant: “Prescription Drug Side-Effects”

Rone’s Tattoo

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