Kagematsu (Atomic Array 041)

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Kagematsu Kagematsu (Atomic Array 041)

A number of talented women designers have published their own games over the last few years. This is the first time we’ve had the privilege to speak with one on the Array. We invited Danielle Lewon on to talk about Kagematsu, her game of love, honor, and shame set in feudal Japan. We also speak with Emily Care Boss about her magazine, RPGirl, that features women designers and publishers.

Cream Alien Games: Kagematsu
RPGirl: http://rpgirl-zine.blogspot.com/

Ed’s Pick: Raise the Red Lantern
Rone’s Rant: “Valentine’s Day”

Also Mentioned:
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* Amorphous Blobcast
* I Would Knife-Fight a Man
* Dogs in the Vineyard (Atomic Array 026)
* Fear the Con
* Storming the Wizard’s Tower (Lumpley Games)
* The Prince’s Kingdom (CRN Games)

Want to learn more about Kagematsu? Read on…

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