Interface Zero (Savage Worlds) (Atomic Array 046)

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Interface Zero (Savage Worlds) Interface Zero (Savage Worlds) (Atomic Array 046)

Interface Zero is back! On Atomic Array 005, we featured the True20 version of Interface Zero, and now Gun Metal Games has a new treat… The Savage Worlds Edition! Gun Metal’s David Jarvis joins us to talk about what’s new and improved in this cyberpunk setting.

Gun Metal Games:

Ed’s Pick: Gamer DVD / Blu-ray
Rone’s Rant: “Either Way, the Robots Win”


Raw dog god war!

Cat cities’ ness, oh cannon
No name pals, no liar
Cast iron burn on warp
Red rumor at sire

Raw dog god war!
Raw dog god war!

Midair to gel, fire tat
Rid sad lone siren
On one risen old as dirt
Ate rifle, go triad, I’m

Raw dog god war!
Raw dog god war!

Eris’ taro murder
Prawn on rub, nor it sac
Rail on, slap ‘em anon
Non nachos sensei tic-tac

Raw dog god war!

Song Lyrics by Rone Barton

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