Gen Con Indy 2008 (Atomic Array 004)

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Gen Con Indy

Gen Con Indy 2008 (Atomic Array 004)

Gen Con! The best four days in gaming! That, gentle listeners, is an understatement. Indy was a blast this year, and made even more special because it was our first year as podcasters.

Rone spent a lot of time filming the Iron DM competition. You can expect a video of the event some time (before next year), courtesy of Moonstew Productions. He also conducted most of this episode’s interviews, as Ed was helping out at the Green Ronin booth, where he was supporting Kobold Quarterly. Ed also gave two seminars this year - one on advertising and the other on virtual worlds. Both will be available from Pulp Gamer.

Talisman Studios

We had a chance to chat with Sean Patrick Fannon, from Talisman Studios. Sean gave us the skinny on Suzerain and Shaintar.

Rone got a chance to demo Venus Needs Men a nifty boardgame from Synelix Games. We even grabbed a photo of the happy occasion, for your viewing pleasure.


We love Paizo Publishing, and are big fans of Pathfinder Chronicles. The fact that the PRPG Beta rules grabbed a lot of attention didn’t really surprise us, but we were shocked when all the copies were sold out by the middle of Day Two. To top it off, Paizo brought home a couple ENnies! Rone used his gninja-fu to grab a talk with James Sutter and Wes Schneider. Sneak Attack!


We played the winning prophecy from last episode’s contest. The winner grabbed a complete set of Prophecy products, including the core box set, and the Player Manual. $100 in swag!

We also announced the winners of the StumbleUpon an iPod contest. That’s right, two lucky listeners are now the proud owners of iPod Shuffles.

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