Fortune’s Fool (Atomic Array 044)

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Fortune's Fool Fortune’s Fool (Atomic Array 044)

Fortune’s Fool, coming this Summer from Pantheon Press, is a Tarot-based roleplaying game set in a fantastic version of Renaissance Europe. We invited Jay Stratton and Jason Keeley on to talk about it. Fortune’s Fool: Your fate is in the cards!

Pantheon Press:

Ed’s Pick: The Cooler
Rone’s Rant: “Bullies”

ENnie Awards

Atomic Array has been nominated for the ENnie Award for Best Podcast. Check out the complete list of ENnie Awards nominees. Pantheon Press is also up for an ENnie. Nobis: The City-States has been nominated for Best Supplement. We featured Nobis on Atomic Array 024, so check out that episode if you’d like to learn more about it.

On episode 34 of Atomic Array, we featured Twilight Sector, from Terra/Sol Games. Terra/Sol has since asked us to create some audio enhancements for one of their adventures. You can grab the free adventures, Somnium Mundus and So It Begins, a free map tile set, and the free audio files from OneBookShelf.

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