Dungeon A Day (Atomic Array 054)

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Dungeon A Day Dungeon A Day (Atomic Array 054)

Looking for new material for your game, but you’re more interested in bite-sized morsels of campaign goodness than in large tomes that take days or weeks to consume? Looking to capture the feel of products like Ruins of Undermountain, Castle Whiterock and/or Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil in your campaign? Look no further than this interview with Owen KC Stephens and Stan! from Dungeon A Day, the subscription site that presents a new encounter every single weekday that you can run together, or tear out and put in your own world.

Now a two-year-old project, with over 750 encounters available for use, Dungeon A Day isĀ on level 17 of 20 in the first mega-dungeon - “Dragon’s Delve.” In addition to Stan! and Owen, we’re also blessed with a conversation with the designer of this level, the awesomely talented Charles M. Ryan.

Dungeon A Day: http://www.dungeonaday.com/
Super Genius Games: http://www.supergeniusgames.com/

Ed’s Pick: The Flight of Dragons
Rone’s Rant: “The Downside of Being Tall”

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