Dungeon A Day (Atomic Array 020)

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Dungeon A Day

Dungeon A Day (Atomic Array 020)

Monte Cook talks about his new project, Dungeon A Day.com, a subscription-based site where he rolls out a new expansion for a massive dungeon every day. He shows off each room using Dwarven Forge terrain and uses Reaper Minis to show off some of the critters within.

We also spoke with Jason Bulmahn, from Paizo Publishing. Jason heads up the development of the Pathfinder RPG for Paizo, and will be guest blogging at Dungeon A Day - showing subscribers how to port Monte’s work into their Pathfinder game.

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Dungeon A Day: Dungeon A Day.com
Ed’s Pick: Dave Arneson
Rone’s Rant: “April Fool’s Jokes”

Listen to learn how you can win a subscription to Dungeon A Day.

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