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Rone Barton. Ed says:

“The Jade” started gaming so early on in life that when spat from his mother’s belly he emerged with a crayon scrawled character sheet in his tiny hand. His first words were, “Could we house wule max hit points for all first wevel PCs?”

Always prizing creativity and collaboration, gaming was a natural fit for him. A published author for three decades, Rone’s work has graced the pages of Dragon Magazine - and lesser-known publications, such as the New York Times and Esquire. MGM/UA optioned his screenplay ‘Valor’, and his 35mm feature film, Joint Chiefs of Flagstaff, will begin shooting… eventually.

Rone’s Facebook: Rone Barton

Ed Healy. Rone says:

Ed was a co-founder of Eden Studios in 1997. Two years later, he launched The Forge with Ron Edwards, a site in support of creator-owned games. Ed loves game advocacy and marketing, and does both through his company, Gamerati. On any given day, you will find him writing, editing, or managing projects, proving one point quite clear… the man has no creative off-switch, and his business acumen is razor sharp. The name Ed Healy, in Latin, means ‘workaholic and loving it’, so enjoy him while you still can.

Homepage: http://ephealy.com/
Twitter: @ephealy
Facebook: Ed Healy
Google+: ephealy
YouTube: ephealy

In the Studio
Yes, we enjoy what we do. Sometimes, too much. What’s work if there’s no play, though, right!?!

Rone in the Studio
Rone, better seen and not heard.

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